Tornado Damage Image Tornado Damage Image Tornado Damage Image

Give the big dogs their favorite spot back!

The EF1 tornado on May 16 flattened more than 100 trees in our Big Dog Area with wind speeds up to 100 miles per hour. And we’ve just learned our insurance doesn’t cover most of the $250,000 cleanup cost.

As you can see from the video, the Big Dog Area is one of our dogs’ favorite places—a place that lets them run, play, and just be dogs. It’s a secure space where they can run down wooded trails, with plenty of things to explore and sniff. Typically they go there two or three times a day. Without it, all they have is a small turf area with some kiddie pools.

Obviously, a tornado wasn’t in our budget. Restoration costs could siphon funds away from other vital services; the cost of this cleanup effort is equivalent to providing five guide dogs to people who are vision impaired.

Your gift today helps give the dogs their space to run again, while ensuring that the work of training exceptional guide dogs continues uninterrupted by this emergency. Thank you!

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In the event that funds raised exceed expenses, donations will be applied to our mission of providing guide dogs to people with vision loss.